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Services at Shampooches

At Shampooches Groomers we aim to provide a friendly and relaxed environment for your doggos and operate a 'Humanity over Vanity' policy. PLEASE NOTE all prices are FROM and start from small/toy breeds with extra charges for medium to large. * If your dog is particularly matted this takes extra time, therefore an extra charge will be added to the groom. All matts will be brushed out however if this causes pain or discomfort for the dog and there is no alternative then matts will be clipped out accordingly and if needed, a full clip off. On registering your pooch you will be asked for information regarding vaccinations, registered vets and if your dog has been spayed/Neutered .Once booked in you will receive a 'grooming release' form via email just so we have all the correct details regarding your dog. Also it's useful for us to know if your dog is used to being groomed just so we can allow adequate time for nervous dogs etc.

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    Just Nails

    Nails trimmed including dew claws


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    Foot and Face Tidy (Prices from)

    A tidy and trim round and in between eyes, face and feet-again another great service for in between grooms (add nails for £5)


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    Bath and Blow Dry (Prices from)

    Brush out, bath and blow dry-great for inbetween grooms especially on wool coated breeds


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    Handstripping (Prices from)

    On request


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    Puppy Introduction (Prices from)

    Introduction to grooming - 1 hour


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    Full Groom Wool Coats

    Bath & fluff dry, ear and eye clean, trim and style to owner's preference. Nails & pawfume.


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    Full Groom Smooth Coats

    Bath, dry, de shed, nails, ear & eye clean, pawfume.


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    Full Groom Double Coats

    Bath, dry, rake out, de shed, nails, ear & eye clean, trim up. Pawfume.


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    Full Groom Long Coats

    Bath & dry, clip and trim to owners preference. Eye and ear clean, nails. Pawfume.


About our Groomers

Ruth (Salon Owner and Groomer)-I have always had/loved dogs (more than hoomans if I'm honest). As a young girl we always had Patterdale Terriers. Later in life I adopted Sophie a Border Collie from the local shelter. She was the most gentle dog in the world. I lost her in 2019 she was my angel. I'm all about rescue and have spent time volunteering in a shelter in Athens, Greece-Elpida Shelter of Hope, whom I strongly support. The first year there I brought Star home with me, second year I visited Rosie came home with me. I have been grooming alongside my full time job for 10 years now, I did a 2 week intensive practical grooming course back in 2011 then decided to become fully qualified and gained my OCN level 3 Diploma in 2019. I am first aid trained and my priority is the comfort and welfare of your dog. Grace-The Graceful Groomer Dogs & creativity are a love of mine- what better way than to combine the two by becoming a dog groomer! I carried out a Level 3 VTQ certificate in Dog Grooming at Fir Tree Dog Grooming Academy in 2023.I've worked with animals both voluntarily & jobs for many years; on farms, boarding kennels, shelters, veterinary practices & veterinary hospital. I also run a dog walking / pet sitting service alongside grooming, which has been running for over 7 years now.Throughout my time at the veterinary hospital, I learnt a lot about health of dogs, as well as handling various temperaments. So, if you have a nervous dog-I am happy to work introducing them to the groomers and setting up a regular groom plan to ensure they become comfortable in the environment. It's safe to say that dogs are a passion of mine and I love nothing more than to care for those lovable, cheeky, loyal, characterful dogs out there! With grooming, I can combine health & welfare with creativity- keeping all the dogs I meet happy and healthy whilst also making them look their best too. I'm pawsitive that I'll provide great service and your dogs will have an enjoyable journey with me. I look forward to meeting your beautiful dogs!


Ruth Bond

Dog Groomer/Owner


Elpida Shelter of Hope

Adopt, Foster, or Sponsor a dog with www.elpidashelterdogs.com


Grace@The Graceful Groomer

Dog Groomer



The Pugs

Paul Kimber

We found Shampooches from a friend in dog walking and I'm so glad that we did. Ruth is really lovely and professional from start to finish. Ruth sent all the forms etc over to create a contract asking if our dogs had allergies etc and wanted to know all the right information. We got confirmation emails and texts of our appointments and even reminders the day before. We received a text and call once they were ready to collect and our dogs were lovely and groomed on arrival. We will be booking back in for their next groom. Would highly recommend


The Labs

Charlene Armitage

My 2 bouncy chocy labs soo enjoyed there groom by Ruth today! Fab communication, respect/love for them both dogs! Ruth did amazing job with them both couldn't be more pleased with the services Ruth provides



Abi Hudson

Ruth is fantastic and the biggest dog lover I know! Great service, Great price and a gorgeous looking tidy dog at the end. What more could you ask for. No hesitation whatsoever in recommending She is absolutely great and fantastic at her job 😍

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Terms and Conditions

We always do everything we possibly can to make sure your pet’s time in the salon is as pleasant as possible. Unfortunately, occasionally grooming can expose a previously hidden medical issue, or aggravate a current one. This can happen during or after grooming.
It is possible that an accident could occur during grooming. Upmost care and caution will always be taken, but cuts, scratches, nicks and quicking of nails could occur. Shampooches will not be liable for any conditions or problems discovered during grooming.
Shampooches will not be responsible for accidental death of the pet as a result of any pre-existing health condition.
Should Shampooches determine, at it’s sole discretion, that urgent veterinary care is required, I agree to pay all associated fees and costs. If my pet’s vet is not available, I authorise Shampooches to use its chosen vet. Shampooches will not be liable for any after-grooming effects of de-matting, clipping or brushing procedures, or problems uncovered on a badly matted or otherwise neglected coat including, but not limited to, skin redness, itchiness, or self-inflicted irritations from excessive external scratching or rubbing. Time and costs associated with de-matting are unpredictable. I agree to pay whatever fees are incurred as a result of de-matting. Whether a dog is matted is at the sole discretion of Shampooches.
I agree that I have truthfully informed Shampooches if my pet has ever bitten another animal or a human, or if they have any other aggressive tendencies. I agree and understand that I will be held solely responsible for any injury, harm or damage to property caused by my pet.
Shampooches reserves the right to refuse to groom a pet in an unsatisfactory state, including, but not limited to, behavioural issues, fleas, ticks, other parasites or kennel cough.
Shampooches operates a strict policy on missed appointments and I agree to that if I need to change an appointment I will notify Shampooches no less than 24 hours before the booked appointment. If insufficient notice is given, I agree to pay 50% of the estimated grooming charges. If appointments are missed on a regular basis, pre-payment/deposit will be required.
I agree that Shampooches may take photo's or video's of my pet for portfolio and marketing purposes.
I hereby confirm that I understand and agree to all points stated above.